Tips and Tricks For Your First Axe Throwing Adventure

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Tips and Tricks For Your First Axe Throwing AdventureAxe throwing is an exciting way to let off steam or simply have fun with family and friends. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, a team-building exercise, or just a different kind of entertainment, we have what you’re looking for at Raider’s Axe Gallery & Entertainment. Not only that, but we offer 70 different things for you to throw at our targets, taking your experience to the next level.

Is this your first time going to an axe throwing facility? Consider the following advice to get the most out of your experience:

  • Arrive Early: By coming early, you can take your time while learning about the process, finishing up any paperwork, and receiving key safety instructions.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothes: We recommend choosing close-fitting attire that allows you to move with a full range of motion and closed-toe shoes. Steer clear of loose apparel or accessories that can get in the way of your throws.
  • Start With a Lighter Axe: To get a sense of the weight and balance, start your session with a lighter axe. You can work your way up to heavier axes as you gain more comfort with the axe throwing experience.
  • Concentrate on Technique: Accuracy and safety depend on using proper technique. Take a step forward with your dominant foot, hold the axe firmly, and throw it through. Instead of exerting too much effort, strive for a smooth, fluid motion.
  • Modify Your Distance: Try out various throw distances to see which one suits you the best. Many axe throwing beginners start between 12 and 15 feet away from the target.