Smash Stuff Safely in the Cage of Rage

Reserve our rage room in Lubbock, TX

It's been a long, stressful day. Luckily, the rage room at Raider's Axe Gallery & Entertainment in Lubbock, TX is in your future.

With the handle in both fists, you raise a sledgehammer over your shoulder and - smash! The printer sails across the room. You take aim at a couple of glasses - crash! Shards fly everywhere. Good thing you're wearing protective goggles.

After spending 30 minutes smashing everything in sight to smithereens, you'll feel on top of the world. Call 806-782-4676 now to reserve our smash room for guaranteed stress relief.

A few things you should know

We require participants to wear close-toed shoes, take additional safety precautions and listen to the rules prior to stepping into the Cage of Rage.

Only one person is allowed in the rage room at one time. Pricing includes...

  • The use of our tools, including custom-made implements
  • A computer tower monitor and a crate of glass and ceramic items
  • Up to 30 minutes in the Cage of Rage

You can purchase additional items from our store, or you can pay a disposal fee to smash items you've brought from home.

Feel free to bring friends. You can add up to three more people in the same 30 minutes booking for $15 each.

Reach out now to discuss pricing information with our team in Lubbock, TX.