Had an amazing time on our kid-free night (that are far and few between). This was so much fun. The gentleman who was working was friendly and very helpful. I wish I had gotten his name. We went on a Sunday night, and it was just us. However, I did reserve online because we had never been to anything like this. The website was user-friendly and very easy. We will be back next time we are in town. The duck was 1 of my favorites.

-Danyale R.

Very fun experience. Lots of different choices of weaponry to throw. Definitely will go back.

-Jamie C.

My family and I went today and had a blast. My husband and son got to throw axes and had fun. My daughter and I got to watch from the couches that are a safe, protected distance away. The instructor was very nice and had great tips when the boys were throwing.

-Katherine D.

What a great time! We came for a birthday celebration and had a blast. The staff was great in showing us not only what was available to throw but instructions on how. Even some who had intended only to watch ended up throwing… and loving it. And great music!! Have told so many about Raider’s Axe Gallery & Entertainment since and look forward to going back. Thanks for a fun, unique experience!!

-Jana B.

Super fun! Went for our anniversary and had a blast. Everyone there is down to earth, and they have a killer selection of axes. It was a blast.

-Courtney P.

So much fun! The guys working there were super friendly and took the time to teach us how to throw everything properly. Cool atmosphere; will definitely be going back!

-John R.

Awesome experience! Decent price. Fantastic and instructional crew. Definitely get there for comic open mic night!

-Timothy M.

Ever wanted to throw a hatchet or knife? Want to feel like a ninja, a Native American warrior, or a Viking? This place has got you covered! There are also cases of really original handmade jewelry to drool over, so bring your girlfriend or mom. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and there are 3 ranges, so you can bring a few friends.

-Andhe S.

It was an awesome 1st Friday! Plenty of vendors with a variety of wares and eats as well as kick a$$ music!

-Eric C.

Awesome place! We had a men’s group meet here, and everyone had a great time. The crew at Raider’s Axe Gallery & Entertainment was really helpful and made sure everyone was sticking axes in no time!

-Ryan D.

The guys who work here love their job, and they share their joy with everyone who walks through their doors. They will teach you how to throw all different types of axes or blades.

-Megan L.

Husband enjoyed it for our date night, so it was a win. I wish it were bigger and nicer, but that’s my opinion.

-Rainbow R.

Great experience. Actually, went for a comedy show and died laughing! We threw some axes after, and boyyy, it is hard! Get out some stress and throw an axe.

-Aiden A.

The staff was extremely helpful in selecting axes and in demonstrating how to throw. It was a great stress relief, and one hour was plenty of time.

-Cristy M.

10/10 recommend this place! I would give it more stars if I could. The staff was great, and the selection of weapons is superb. We chose it based on the reviews, and they did not disappoint!

-Lolly B.

These guys are great. Very fun to learn from. They’re patient and give great advice. Our whole team was throwing axes like pros in no time. I definitely recommend this for your next group event.

-Wes G.

It’s a little bit quirky, but it was very fun. It was a really fun birthday event, even though it was just my wife and me. The people who work there (or own it or whatever they are to it) are really cool and helpful and offer up advice in a very constructive and caring way, which my wife really appreciated. Definitely want to go back sometime!


I took my boyfriend for his birthday. We kinda thought it was going to be kinda lame, but we were so wrong!! IT WAS AWESOME!! We loved it! The staff was nice and lots of axes you can choose from!! My boyfriend and I are going to come back a lot!!

-Shelby S.

What fun!!! We went about a month ago with a group of 6 adults with a wide age range (late 20s to early 60s). The guys in charge were great at talking us through the basics and giving tips to throw more accurately, as well as suggesting which axes/knives/etc. to switch to when we wanted to try something different or have a new challenge. Getting the feel for it wasn’t difficult, and it sure is satisfying when you sink that first blade in the target – GREAT stress relief! After an hour, we were sufficiently worn out and free of aggression, but no one was sore the next day (or at least no one admitted it!). This is a fun date night idea and a great group activity – we will definitely be back! Two members of our group had recently visited another axe throwing place in DFW and really enjoyed this experience over that one – choosing from at least 30 different throwing implements (I think there were more) was a big perk and kept it interesting. I mean, who doesn’t want to throw a batarang?!?!?

-Kristin P.

We had our team build there. John was amazing and made it so fun! We appreciate you and hope to do it again soon! Thanks for everything!

-Lisa B.

Such a fun experience! Everyone who works here is super nice and super helpful! I’m already planning my next visit.

-Lexi W.

Great instructor! Made it easy. Relaxed environment. Made for a fun and different date night!

-Bobbi B.

These guys were probably made fun of in high school, but now they own an axe-throwing venue, so who is laughing now?

-Ben S.

Great friendly staff, fun axe throwing. and supports local charities, initiatives and artists – what’s not to love?!

-Charles W.

This place was a ton of fun. I took my husband for his birthday, and we will be coming back. There are so many choices for axes/weapons to throw!

-Amy A.

Our team had a great time de-stressing, laughing, and having fun. We went in the middle of the week after lunch and had a blast. Of course, our competitiveness kicked in immediately and made for a well-spent time away from our desks. There is just something primitively satisfying about slinging an axe 20 feet through the air to see it stab 2 inches deep into a bulls eye. You might discover which of your friends can best protect you during a zombie apocalypse.

-Michael H.

A must go!! Super nice and helpful staff! Great environment. We will for sure go back!

-Will S.

Throwing axes is really fun… But throwing spears, metal playing cards, saw blades, a heart, knives, ninja stars, and axes is insanely fun. I’ve thrown axes before, so I didn’t have high expectations, but then I saw the wall of armaments and the display of quirky delights. I’ve never considered throwing saw blades, but they’re really fun to just wing at the wall. How about Bruce’s batarangs, a crucifix, or a duck? My only recommendation is to go with friends because there will be a lot of laughs to share. This is one of those Nike things in life… Just do it!

-Jordan E.

The staff is polite and friendly; the variety of stuff you can throw is surprising, too, and really fun since everything has a trick to it. But the staff is more than willing to give you pointers and encourage you. Been here twice and had a blast both times. Great for letting off some RAGE or just having a chill, fun time.


It was so much fun! I would definitely recommend for all age groups from age 12 and up. Girls night, date night, or just for fun. Great birthday party idea. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Hands down the easiest 5-star rating I’ve given! Can’t wait for the Cage of Rage!!!

-Anita N.

We came here for date night for something a little different. The owner was very attentive and made sure we were properly trained and safe. It was so much fun, and we will definitely be returning!

-Lauren M.

It was our first time going here and the experience was great. It was reasonably priced, and we had a lot of fun. I definitely recommend coming here for a date night or just a get together, and we will definitely be coming back soon.

-Jacob S.

Great night out for all the guys before wedding day! Everyone had a great time! The staff was very helpful, and we would definitely come back!

-Teri S.

Definitely recommend for a date night! So much fun and the instructor really knows what he’s talking about.

-Kayla R.

My wife took me for our anniversary; it was awesome! Large selection of axes, hatchets, knives, and stars to throw – and sawblades! Would highly recommend.

-Cory C.

Wonderful facility. I loved the ease and kindness of the staff when first going. Highly recommend!

-Evelyn D.

The staff was very helpful in educating us on how to be successful. Which made the experience even more fun.

-Nick S.

Had a great time with my 3 college-age sons and wife. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

-Bryan N.

What a simple, ingenious concept. This place is freaking awesome! Really wanted to throw that trenching shovel though.

-Nate H.

We had an amazing time today! I loved the assortment of things to throw. Batman was the best! They were so helpful with everything. We shared a bottle of wine (it’s BYOB) and had so much fun!

-Grace P.

Was amazed by this place. I had no idea it existed… may try to come with hubby.

-Judy J.